Greenspace Voxels

*The studio that led this project is now called Then Try This - you can find more up to date information on Greenspace Voxels on their new website*

We have been visualising greenspace in cities in 3D using minecraft and physical models, using voxel data from full-waveform LiDAR (laser scanning landscapes from aircraft). This project is with Karen Anderson at the University of Exeter who applies remote sensing to environmental monitoring. Together we are playing with different ways of exploring the data they are getting from flights over cities using LiDAR.

We are looking at ways to visualise only the greenspace in cities, with all the buildings and roads removed. From an environmental research perspective, looking at greenspace in three dimensions allows a new, more complete perspective on habitat connectivity and the use of space by wildlife. From an urban planning and architectural perspective understanding the impact of a new build on a landscape in three dimensions provides a valuable tool for moving towards sustainable practices.

More photos here.