Family in Residence: Adam Nocek, Stacey Moran Nocek, Ivy and Fiona Hewett

Living at FoAM for nearly two weeks in June 2015, Stacey, Adam, Fiona and Ivy will explore Japanese animism. Adam and Stacey are parents, scholars, theorists, teachers, and writers whose interdisciplinary work focuses on finding connections between art and science. Taking the lead from Isabelle Stengers’ claim that words like “animism,” “magic,” and “belief” have been compromised by the rationalistic split between fact and fiction, their time at foam will be spent looking for ways to reclaim animism for the technological world. Specifically, they will look to Japanese forms of animism as they apply to Adam’s work in media, film, and technoscience, and Stacey’s work in feminine poetics of storytelling and myth-building.