Macrotransiency Michka Mélo

During a one-year trial in a mainstream engineering career, Michka experienced firsthand the imbalance of a full-time job where mind becomes completely disconnected from body. He found that the side effects of such imbalance included low efficiency in professional activities themselves, an alarming atomisation of body and mind, and the sensation of rarely being in the right place at the right time.

To address these unpleasant syndromes, he decided to embark on a macrotransiency at FoAM, where he is exploring several diverse practices that include mindfulness meditation, crochet, dismantling wood palettes to create furniture, aikido, and the art of fermentation. Through this approach of hands-on personal experimentation, he aims to design a balanced polyculture of interconnected activities that mutually enhance one another, thus ensuring better enjoyment of life as a whole. For other people interested in this approach, he is documenting the processes and practices he explores, as well as his design framework for a balanced polyculture of activities.

Detailed documentation of Michka's transiency: On the Libarynth

Summary of the transiency from the research gathering: Why transiency for a 25 year old?