Naked on Pluto

*The studio that led this project is now called Then Try This - you can find more up to date information on Naked on Pluto on their new website*

"an online videogame that reflects on the invasive means used in the development of “social software”. The game starts when the user subscribes to the webpage of the project and accesses a city called “Elastic Versailles”, where a community of 57 animated bots interact with the player capturing the data of his/her Facebook account."

A project by Marloes de Valk, Aymeric Mansoux and Dave Griffiths, winner of the 2011 VIDA awards, and exhibited internationally including TEA/ Super Connect— 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Fundación Telefónica’s stand in ARCO 2012 Madrid.

Naked on Pluto also takes the form of a workshop, where we teach people who have never programmed before to hack the facebook API in order to unlock new understandings of privacy and online personal data.

The game is now offline, read more at the project blog.