Hosting and Process Facilitation

As process facilitators, we guide groups of people to effectively work together. Facilitation is particularly valuable for tackling complex issues through dialogue and co-creation in participatory settings, such as workshops, meetings or collaborative projects. We take care of the "how" so you can focus on the "what" and "why" of a collaborative pursuit.

The creative process is at the core of our work. It encourages curiosity and guides people from the uncertainty of "not knowing" through creative leaps toward meaningful collective insights. We design immersive experiences including all senses. Our facilitation style draws on the art of improvisation to navigate through complexity, allowing us to adapt to unexpected situations and changing conditions.

The strength of our group lies in its diversity. The expertise of our facilitators includes the arts and sciences, futures and education, community- and organisational development. The transdisciplinary nature of our facilitation teams allows us to work across sectors. We custom design all processes with our clients and partners.

Our participatory processes are an embodiment of our skills and personalities. We understand the importance of alignment between personal and collective development, intellectual and embodied learning. We are process facilitators with a zeal for systemic transitions, where we can contribute to substantial transformations and generative long-term impact.

You can find out about our work in this document, or browse through photographic documentation from workshops and multisensory experiences.

Contact us if you'd like to discuss a specific project.