“The ubiquitous Qfwfq is emblematic of unity amidst the heteroglossic variety of possibilities offered by expanded degrees of perception made possible by scientific devices. In one story, Qfwfq is a dinosaur, but in other stories he is also a fish, a small mammal, a subatomic particle eternally plummeting through the void. Qfwfq is constantly shifting position in the universe, despite his consistent first-person narration, suggesting the extent to which his form accommodates his point of view. In ‘The Aquatic Uncle,’ which precedes the story of the last dinosaur, Qfwfq, here featured as some sort of protoamphibian, venerates the reptilian and eschews his ichthyoid ‘roots.’ In Cosmicomics, Qfwfq encompasses all points of view except for non-existence. As a result, his various incarnations cannot be contrasted: they are all linked to one another. While Qfwfq venerates the reptilian and consciously attempts to conceal his water-bound past, in ‘The Dinosaurs,’ none of the mammals recognize that Qfwfq, a dinosaur, is actually a dinosaur.”
Defining Irrealism: Scientific Development and Allegorical Possibility, by Dean Swinford