Transiency Dougald Hine

FoAM invited Dougald Hine to be our first Artist in Transience and a Journeyer of the Guild of Resilients. In Resilients, we researched the skills required to thrive in uncertain, turbulent times, and we asked Dougald to investigate what it might mean to be a “journeyer” in the practice of such skills. In the guilds of the middle ages, a journeyman was someone who had completed his apprenticeship and was competent in his craft, but had not yet risen to the level of master. The word could be misleading – “journey” is actually “journée”, referring to the status of a day-labourer – yet there is a long tradition of the wandering journeyman, moving from place to place to learn more about how his craft is being practiced. In parts of Europe, this continues to the present day.

Dougald set off from Stockholm on the evening of 8 July, 2012 and travelled across Europe for one month. A journal of his travels can be found here: