Germination X: Intelligent butterflies etc

Posted Dec. 10, 2011 by Dave Griffiths

Over the last couple of weeks Germination X has managed to attract 70 players picking and planting in a permaculture world, with plants now covering 92 5x5 tiles - watch out Zynga :) This week has seen some more additions, firstly giving gifts to spirits has a large effect on their emotions positive and negative, and while it needs a bit more work - the wording of messages is modified according to the spirit's emotional state at the time they send them. The other big change is a new activity for when you are out of picking power which can give you more information about the other player's plants - the butterflies can be drag-dropped over plants to find out who planted them. Having this kind of information available makes some open ended meta games possible, such as a group of players getting together to take over part of the world. The role of the spiders remains mysterious, but I'm trying to figure it out...