Smoke & Vapour Menu

Posted Nov. 14, 2013 by Nik Gaffney

With only a week left before Smoke & Vapour, we are delighted to share our menu with you. It contains seasonal ingredients supplied by local farmers and foragers, blended with produce brought from our homelands and other recent FoAM travels. Having slowly but surely taken shape, the menu below hints at the smoky, misty garden of earthly delights that will envelop you on the evening of the 22nd of November at FoAM in Brussels.

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Smoke & Vapour Menu

The Smoke & Vapour menu is composed by Rasa Alksnyte, Alkan Chipperfield, Nik Gaffney, Maja Kuzmanovic, Pieter de Wel en Stevie Wishart.

Arrival and descent

  • Nutty crackling and steamed orange syrup
  • Smoked Potato skins
  • Peppers in granular dust
  • Smoked eggs

With a selection of effervescent drinks and crispy sounds

Solitary immersion

  • Atlantic cedar smoke
  • Cobblestones in fragrant steam
  • Herbal water
  • Algal reminiscences from forest and sea
  • Smoked mussel consommรฉ

With silence and sound from the source

Silent convivium

  • Tea sorbet
  • Steamed garden
  • Quark dumpling with smoked tomato jam
  • Smoke gradients with forest mushrooms

With a selection of ferments (vegetable, fruit and grain) and the sound of transformation

Sweet emergence

  • Smoked cheeses
  • Steamed smoked chestnuts
  • Smoked garlic tiramisu
  • Poached seasonal fruits
  • selection of smoked chocolate and caramels
  • Whisky and cigars
  • Steamed coffee and green tea

With tales and farewells from the cooks