My transiency at FoAM, documented!

Posted Feb. 3, 2014 by Michka Mélo

I have now been a macrotransient at FoAM Brussels for ten weeks, experimenting with new research methods at the frontier between science and art on a fabulous topic: how to design a more fulfilling, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle.

FoAM hosts and supports me through this transition process provided that I carefully document it. Insights gained during this transiency may indeed come to contribute to several of FoAM's other research projects, such as imagining and prototyping possible futures, or doing nothing.

I am happy to announce that my documentation infrastructure is now ready! You can find the most extensive and structured information on my page on the Libarynth (well, not so structured or extensive just yet) about the processes and results of my research.

I will also periodically post my latest questions and hypothesis to my Tumblr blog, where you're most welcome to respond if you wish. There are already around 60 small posts uploaded since November on a wide range of topics, representative of the many threads and dimensions of my research. And finally, I'll be sharing interesting web articles that I come across on my Twitter feed.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to reading and hearing your reactions.