In anticipation of things already present

Posted Nov. 14, 2017 by Maja Kuzmanović

In anticipation of things already present is now available on Medium, adapted from FoAM's closing keynote of Anticipation 2017.

Noticing. A multiplicity of futures becoming apparent in layered moments. A tangled string of beginnings and endings stretched across gradients. Inception and subsiding. A dynamic space of operation, where anticipation and action co-exist in improvised flows. Iterative cycles. Simultaneously witnessing, responding to and creating changes. Skirting of the adjacent possible. Anticipation as a framing of intent. An invocation. Anticipation complemented by attunement, by sensing liminal resonances and synchronicity. From anticipation as an instrument for effective decision making, to anticipation as a metamorphic craft of selection, uncovering, re-connecting and re-animating things that are already present. Anticipation without representation, made apparent through attention, activated in experience. Experience as a creative, world-growing force. Experiential time subsumed into an atemporal web of shifting relationships. Human, larger than human, beyond human. Slipping past explanation and comprehension. Striving towards systemic empathy, from communication to communing. Facing uncertainty. Inhabiting, exploring, experimenting. The world becomes malleable, things can become otherwise. A hex for transforming transformation. ∆[∆].

Full text can be found on Medium.