Gardening in Isolation

Posted July 2, 2020 by Anna Maria Orrù

The last months in isolation in Italy have provided a time to seed, watch, grow, and transform. These images are some of the seeding done during the pandemic and the harvest from these seeds of hope during isolation. For the first time since I can recall, I watched spring unfold in front of my eyes in the silence of the valley. We stood still, but nature moved fast. The warm days and raining bookmarks created an explosion of colours, scent, taste and textures. The time spent earnestly putting things in the ground has now given us a harvest. We spend each morning picking the veg and fruit of our labour, and distributing it to neighbours around hoping they wanted more. We seeded too much, but in the moment of space, time, anxiety, no access to plant stores...we learned to seed everything. And now, we are hooked. I'm learning about staging seeding, keeping seeds, thinking about the months ahead and preparing for the harvests to come. Who knows what the future months bring, but we will be immersed in this new experience of gardening in isolation.

Beekeeping attire