A Green Guide

Greetings fellow Earthlings. We* gather at this hinge between worlds, at the trailhead of FoAM’s green route. You can expect to cross diverse terrain, from cultivated gardens to speculative wilderness.

🌍 #EarthDay 🌏 #EarthDayEveryDay 🌎

* The we, here, is an invitation to engage. We are the people involved in making this publication come to life and the wider we that includes you, the readers. We are all here, alongside and with each other inside the experience, even if not all at the same time. Nobody is walking the path alone.


Luminous Green: Rethinking the role of art, design and technology in an environment of turbulence.


groWorld {sym}{bio}{sys}: A preamble to FoAM's longest running initiative, exploring interactions between plants and humans from multiple perspectives.


We Cultivate Plants to Cultivate the Garden Within: On the Practice of Gardening or The Growing of Worlds

Making Seedballs

Plant Guilds and Earth Dumplings, And Other Examples of FoAM’s Gardening Practices

We are Humus in the Making

We are humus in the making: A dispatch from a nascent Natural Academy, an invitation to cook and discover soil together

Mud Futures

Mud Futures: Concerning the material properties and worldings of mud, as particles in suspension; beyond rural pasts and formless nature, an exploration of what it now proposes, the futures it elicits or evokes


Moddertaal: A poetic dialogue between some bodies and the swampy landscapes whence they emerged

A Bog in Every Backyard

A Bog in Every Backyard: A premonition or prototype of a world to come, where marginality is to be championed rather than decried

The Farm Crap App

Being Rural: A conversation about redistributing power around farming with natural fertilisers and bringing farmers and regulators into conversation with one another via the Farm Crap App project


Boskoi: A mobile database of ethnoculinary and ethnobotanic knowledge named after the ancient grazing hermits


.walk: Eating grass, Crunching Code: Searching for the forest in the city. Searching for the city in the forest. Psychogeography and Urban Foraging are involved

Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

A Botanical Sanctuary: A gurukula is a community of apprenticeship with the Guru. In the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary, our teachers are plants, animals, the forest as a whole

Solarpunk Remix

Solarpunk Remix: A hyperstitional conversation bricolaged from non-fictional texts written by eight physically embodied humans who identify themselves as solarpunks and/or its critics

Overgrown. Angkor Watt.

Cities Clad in Green: Impressions of Urban Gardening writ large. A slow accretion of words and images, as lookouts with views across gardens at the scale of cities. Germinating, growing, overgrown


Having been there: Some notes on fieldwork, as a situated, experiential way of learning

Fieldwork: Cocky Eek

I Listened to Everything, Very Carefully: A conversation about site-specific, durational, and more-than-human approaches to artistic practices

Sonic Kayak

Sonic Kayaks: A conversation about how kayaks fitted with environmental sensors facilitate recreation for local visually-impaired kayakers and provide necessary data for research

Future of the Delta

Not Fit for Statistics: When a species is simply unpredictable


Zandmotor Mammoth Soup: Tasting the Ice Age of an Artificial Sandbank


Practicing Attunement: An embodied research technique and a proposition for multisensory engagement with Earth-bound environments and their inhabitants


Giving Ourselves Over: On how we open our body onto the world

Dust & Shadow Fieldtrip 2

As Rocks Behave Like Fluids: A journey across the Sonoran and Mojave deserts as they are, as they were, and as they might be

Kerala Rainforest

How to walk like something is around you? The experience of unconditional hospitality in the Kerala rainforest

Spectres of Landings

Knowing When (Not) to Interfere: Fieldnotes from the Island of Seili, including observations by the authors and their instruments; raw data from sketchbooks and spreadsheets; and a sonic translation of the experience


Exercises in Attentiveness: where artists and researchers gather to collectively develop work focusing on environmental changes in the Turku Archipelago, on the island of Seili in the Baltic Sea


Let the Green Speak Forth: Or Yet Another Attempt to Capture the Sensory and Mystical Experience of Viriditas in Words and Images


The Viriditas Chapel of Perpetual Adoration: A virtual reality inspired by visions and music of Saint Hildegard von Bingen, situated in the Cathedral-in-the-Clouds, an ongoing collection of digital dioramas for contemplation

Borrowed Scenery

Borrowed Scenery: In which gardens, landscapes, stories and songs entwine into an alternate reality where plants are a central aspect of human society


Rooted Hauntology: A constellation of fragments about the experience of being with plants


Patabotany: A herbarium of vegetal lenses for looking at the world(s) anew


Thalience: Speculating on machine learning and artificial intelligence that support the flourishing of complex ecosystems


Cursory Speculations on Human-Plant Interaction: And translating plant signalling into languages understandable by humans

Machine wilderness

Machine Wilderness: In which arguments for environmental machine learning are brought forth and illustrative examples of augmented ecology experiments are described

Go Tell the Crows

Go Tell The Crows: A peopled world beyond the human, teeming with wily, intelligent others


Zoöp & the Practice of Zoönomy: Towards multispecies cooperation in collective bodies and regenerative economy

Lament of a Rogue Geoengineer

Lament of the Rogue Geoengineer: An Intercepted Transmission in which an Unmasked Rogue recants their scorned (al)chemical efforts to patch and repair a Broken World.


Terrafictions: On engaging with a world in which all is animate