Navigating uncertainty

The ‘crystal’ route sharpens our capacities for navigating in uncertain times. It demands a pro-active engagement with that which crosses our path, encouraging us to prototype possible futures, seed new realities, and ‘grow your own worlds’. For all its crystalline clarity, this is an ambiguous route, traversing grey areas and interstitial space. With few signposts or clear demarcations, our wayfinding falls back on stories, fieldwork and experimentation. Nothing on this route can be taken for granted. Its ascents point to different futures, daring us to experience how things could be otherwise. It suggests ways to “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”, writing ourselves into storylines and working with others to 'prehearse' different scenarios and situations. This route stresses the value of fieldwork, taking direct contact with the world as an engine for sensemaking. Calling for techniques for orienting oneself in unfamiliar environments and fast-changing situations, it encourages an experimental mindset, helping travellers traverse otherwise closed archways of access, evidence and expertise, break through siloes and walk through walls.

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