gRig’s All Hallow’s Eve

This event has passed

From Cyberpunk to Cyberbotany: after the Research Gathering with Angelo Vermeulen, FoAM and the Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators invite you to cultivate the vegetal side of your mind… From dystopia to heterotopia, from human-machine to human-plant interactions, a post-cyberpunk eve for retro-techno-pagans, archaic revivalists, lab-witches, eco-nomads, pre- and post-millenial cultists. gRiggers are preparing an evening of ethnobotanical food and drinks, with viriditas and thalience diffused through the air, culminating in a (pre)futuristic celebration of the All Hallow's Eve. Additional magic will be summoned by Tale of Tales at 9 pm GMT/UTC when Michaël Samyn and Auriea Harvey will be performing the first of their two ABIOGENESIS parties in the Endless Forrest. Lowdjo will mix some of his specially concocted tunes, dedicated to all hallows near and far.