Beyond the Fields – A transdisciplinary plein air convergence

This event has passed

End of the World Garden presents Beyond the Fields – A transdisciplinary plein air convergence

An exciting free networking event (with delicious food and camping) bringing together scientists, theorists and artists to discuss the nature of transdisciplinary research and art/science collaborations. The event will address potential schisms between scientific and artistic practices and attempt to foster new collaborations between the fields of science, art, and philosophy in Cornwall and the Southwest.

As part of Saturday's activities:

Dave Griffiths from FoAM- Kernow “Maps and anecdotes from a transdisciplinary laboratory.”

According to its website, FoAM is a "network of transdisciplinary labs at the intersection of art, science, nature and everyday life." – what does this mean and why is it so hard to explain to people at parties? Co-director of FoAM Kernow, Dave Griffiths will attempt to uncover some mysteries previously only badly sketched on the back of an envelope.