gRig Froesjels

This event has passed

FoAM, nadine and gRig (the Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators), a society of people exploring the realities emerging from mixing art, science and technology, organise gRig Froesjels, both a celebration of mixed realities and the Guild’s annual meeting. During the last three days of October 2009, the Guild will host a public gathering, gRig Froesjels, a chance to encounter gRig members, funders and fans, as well as experience some of the Guild’s works.

all hallow's eve @ Chalope D'or

The occasion will begin on 29 October with a series of events focusing on mixing physical and digital realities – an exhibition and a bazaar, including experimental works from esteemed European artists and artisans. To celebrate the fertile relationships between humans and plants, FoAM invited artists, gardeners, cooks & engineers, to share their prototypes, works in progress and other curiosa at the groWorld bazaar. The stalls will include local and trans-local produce, such as:

- groWorld plant game prototypes by Tale of Tales & FoAM
- groWorld gardeners web by Sixtostart
- Urban Edibles by Foamlab Holland
- urban gardening info-booths by FoAM & Foamlab
- biologically corrupt hard-drives & Biomodd game by Angelo Vermeulen
- PhoEf tribute to the sun by Bartaku
- patabotanical illustrations by Lina Kusaite & Theun Karelse
- experiments with plant sensing by Nik Gaffney & Dave Griffiths
- vegetal scents by Maki Ueda
- seasonal botanical refreshments by Rasa Alksnyte & Pieter de Wel
- sonic atmoshperes by Lowdjo & Antz

Join us at FoAM, for a colourful evening of browsing & lounging, learning & playing, from 6-9PM on the 29th of October 2009.

On 30 October, the Guild will hold its formal reception in the ancient halls of the Guild of Saint Georges. The reception will be accompanied by gRig’s gastronomic refreshments, followed by a talk by Maja Kuzmanovic, gRig’s coordinator, and then the premiere of Viriditas, a new musical composition by Stevie Wishart – specially commissioned for this unique event – with Penelope Turner as soprano.

8.30 - 11p.m.
gRig froesjels at the Saint George's Guild: Viriditas
Grand Serment Royal et de Saint-Georges des Arbalétriers de Bruxelles
Impasse du Borgendael - Koningsplein 7-9 Place Royale, 1000 Brussels.

The premiere of Stevie Wishart’s Viriditas, a musical pece for two voices, hurdy-gurdy and cello. The performance is based on Hildegard von Bingen’s Lingua Ignota and her vision of Viriditas, the greening energy behind all life.

The performance will be followed by a guided tour of Saint George’s guild-hall and initiation into the guild. With: Stevie Wishart & Penelope Turner, members of the Saint George's Guild.

31 October will commence with the Data Ecologies seminar, about mixing real and abstracted systems. In the evening, gRig Froesjels will conclude with a costumed All Hallow’s Eve. In this spirited closure of the events, gRig is summoning its past, present and future members to Toone, a quirky puppet theatre in the centre of Brussels. gRig Froesjels will provide ample time for meeting old and new reality integrators and generators, as well as froesjeling over gRig’s specially designed food and drinks.