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Immanentia – a palm top theatre piece Performing Pictures and FoAM – have been invited by curator Maki Ueda and V2 to create a piece for the Palm Top Theater exhibition at the upcoming Rotterdam International Film Festival. The piece, Immanentia, is based on Lina's organic and flowing illustrations from the Groworld project, brought to life by Robert Brecevic. The dream life has always been there. Mere shapes ever so clear and distinct. It is as if her little mind invented these shapes, labyrinths of the mind and for the mind - to drift away and try to lose oneself in - even though the mind cannot entirely trick itself. She always finds her way back. Abandonment. Mirroring. Pealing the thin layers of an onion, which in turn ends up as the perfect metaphor for the cluster of will, attention and dreams that we call consciousness. Sliding and hopping between different layers, she will perform together with you; a choreography, a game with no end and a music piece assembled into a sublime instrument to be played out by the sensitive user. The Patabotany drawings of phantasmagoric trees and plants which intertangle and interdepend on each other, becomes a daydream world for a little girl who was found at the doorstep of a children's house in Rose Cottage Home in Dickleburgh around 1890. She carried all of her worldly possessions with her– clutching only 'a chestnut and a penny'. Picture courtesy of The Children's Society, UK. The film festival has brought cinema to the large screen. The intimacy of small mobile screens are giving new impulses to the cinematic experience. V2_ will present a series of films and animations small enough to watch in the palm of your hand. The artworks will be created for a special interface called i3DG, that turns 2D into 3D on iPhones, iPods and iPads - in the palm of your hand. Visitors will experience film and animation in a way that is strikingly similar to pre-cinema, when watching a moving image was an intimate and individual experience. At the same time, the Palm Top Theater will offer a glimpse of a cinema of the future in which the developments in mobile communication technology and the changing roles of users and producers will have a profound effect on the future of cinema. Images: More information: