An Anarchive


A series of experimental publications unearthing things with generative potential for the here-and-now and the yet-to-come. The Anarchive weaves together a curated selection of stories, tools, artworks, and experiences across FoAM's network, suggesting ways to grow your own worlds.

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Times of uncertainty call for imagination as much as consolation, antidotes to nihilism, greed and indifference. Examples of how things can be otherwise. In words, sounds, images, fragrances, games, and instruments, the Anarchive gathers such examples from across FoAM’s network. Ways to explore possible futures, re-imagine technologies and engage with non-human beings. Ways of working with hospitality as a critical survival skill and ways of tending to the transient and the overlooked. Growing new worlds in the cracks of the old.

The anarchived materials from the FoAM network complement and contrast newly commissioned pieces by FoAM's members, collaborators and friends. An experiment in slow publishing, the Anarchive series is relased gradually, responding to the changing needs, resources and preoccupations in the network.

The limited editions of Anarchive fascicles that are published and forthcoming soon can be ordered through FoAM's webshop. New fascicles are added intermittently, as they become available.

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