FoAM - Earth

FoAM Earth is a nomadic entity of the FoAM network, exploring futurecrafting as a way of re-enchanting the present. True to FoAM’s motto “grow your own worlds”, we create propositions, immersive situations and (peak) experiences. As an act of resistance against dystopian fears of uncertainty, we cultivate kinship networks and circumstances for conviviality and collaboration, while exploring animist approaches to time, attunement and interconnectedness as transformative practices for contemporary techno-materialist culture. Our works and ways of working invoke new worlds, summon echoes of voices otherwise unheard to entice collective imagination and solidarity.

In order to align the work itself with our ways of living and working, FoAM Earth experiments with distributed forms of financing, administration and sharing infrastructure, while navigating between (post-capitalist) open-resource ethics and mainstream economic realities.

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