Growing worlds at the scale of the dinner table

The 'terracotta' route stages a sprawling, open-ended conversation on hospitality. Encouraging slow travel and generous reciprocity, our journey starts and ends at the dinner table. The route brings together hosts and guests of all ages, crafting shared, convivial spaces along the way. Among the (many) new challenges in linking people scattered across regions and time zones, this route investigates the shifting contours of placemaking, residency, pilgrimage, nomadism, exile, trade and exchange. The route veers between the household, studio, and kitchen – critical spaces of engagement, creativity and production. It invites us to consider the practicalities of food and shelter and what they can tell us about different understandings of home and community. Against a backdrop of systemic turbulence and interrupted mobility, a thin trail of hope signposts the delicate but vital potentials of translocal kinship networks.

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