Tending to the transient and the overlooked

Taking a more suggestive, impressionistic approach, the ‘wabi-sabi’ route dwells with things transient, unfinished, or overlooked. It extends an invitation to wander, to defer the temptation to intervene, watching, waiting, and letting things unfold. This route hones in on the crafts of noticing, care, and repair. Revealing our aptitude for receptivity, it suggests embodied, practical exercises and techniques for landing, attunement, immersion, and laying fallow. The route traverses worlds of collective ritual and solitary practice, offering a simple meditation on being with the world-at-large. Finding places of enchantment or remove, the poetic, multisensory experiences scattered along this route prompt reflection on transitions and liminal states, and the neglected art of bringing things to an end.

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